Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Night of the Living Horror

Friday night was great.  Jeff and I had fish from the "R" Place, Kara had chicken strips and we went to bed early.  I was scheduled to work on Saturday at noon for 12 hours.  A certain little girl got to sleep with Mommy and Daddy so we all snuggled into bed and dreamed about sugar plums.  I am a light sleeper and the slightest little movement from the little one wakes me up, which is why she doesn't get to sleep with us as much as she would like. 

5:30 AM  I awoke to a strange noise, in my half sleeping state I noticed that Kara was sitting upright in bed.  Before I could ask her what was wrong she arched her back, took a deep breath, leaned forward and let the contents of her stomach soak the sheets, comforter, pillows and my electric blanket.  I must have made some noise of frustration because Jeff awoke like someone had stabbed him.  Kara then proceeded to fling herself backwards on the bed.  I quickly grabbed her and made her sit forward in case she puked again, I didn't want her to aspirate (get shit into her lungs).  I grabbed her and took her into the bathroom for a early morning scrub.  She had it on her face, in her hair and behind her ears.  While we were scrubbing off dinner from the night before I put Daddy to work changing the sheets.

6:00 AM Finally, we are back in bed and I am trying to go to sleep.  Jeff had retrieved a plastic coffee can for a puke bucket.  I like to use those because they have a lid.  The bucket was in bed with us right next to Kara and I.  Kara was back to sleep and so was Jeff, however I could not calm my head enough to slip back into dreamland.  This turned out to be a good thing when about 15 minutes later Kara was sitting up in bed again looking at me with an expression of doom on her face.  I grabbed the bucket and the puke hit the mark perfectly.  I had already put her hair in a ponytail so I wouldn't have to get her in the tub again.  I washed off her face and back to sleep she went.  I still laid awake thinking I wouldn't get up in time the next time if I fell asleep.  I laid there for about 2 hours drifting in and out of sleep.  Finally about 8:30 I fell asleep, the alarm clock went off at 9:30 telling me to haul my ass out of bed and get into the shower for work. 

I got out of the shower and was getting dressed when Kara came upstairs and practically begged me not to go to work.  It was the hardest thing to leave the house that day.  I promised her that she could call me at work as much as she wanted and I would talk to her.  I think I talked to her about 4 times from noon to midnight.  When I came home that night, she was still awake in the chair in the living room.  Jeff said she had taken quite a few naps today and wanted to wait for mom to come home before going to bed.

There were no more puking episodes that night but loose stools the next day.  I got to get a new comforter that I absolutely love and I am going to get a bigger electric blanket.  I guess in the end the puke was worth it.  Don't know if Kara would agree though.