Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RIP Artemis

Well, we are officially one less family member.  Last night while coming home from a Fire Department meeting I got a text from my niece who was about a mile ahead of me on the road to tell me that we had a kitten on the road in front of my house.  As I got closer to the house I prayed that it was the hussy momma cat not one of the teenage kittens.  Of course my prayers went unanswered.  It was Artemis, my favorite kitten.  She was a great mouser.  I even brought her into the house one night to get a mouse that I saw go under the couch.  She caught it right away and was so proud of herself.  She was purring and cuddling as I carried her back outside. 

So we are down to one hussy momma cat with an attitude and Apollo the other teenage kitty.  Momma just had kittens so I guess I better find them too.  I should bring the new kittens up to the house for Kara to play with.  She tamed the other batch of kittens so well.  She carried them around and they even got to go for rides in her Barbie Jeep to "Walmart".

RIP Artemis, I will miss you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So, here it is Monday.  No, wait I think it is Tuesday! Yep definetly Tuesday.  I bought a new DVD today so it has to be Tuesday.  As you can tell all of my days run together.  I am sitting at the computer trying to get away from Bejewled Blitz and failing.  As I look at my house from the computer desk I can see that it needs a good cleaning and I really don't care.  I am bored, not just with house work but with life itself.  I am hoping that when I start work on October 11th it picks up.  I need a new hobby or something.  I know! maybe a housekeeper!  Think of all the fucking off I could do if I had someone to clean for me! I know, that's everyones wish, but I think with my first paycheck, I am going to get me one!  That is my thought for the day!