Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So, here it is Monday.  No, wait I think it is Tuesday! Yep definetly Tuesday.  I bought a new DVD today so it has to be Tuesday.  As you can tell all of my days run together.  I am sitting at the computer trying to get away from Bejewled Blitz and failing.  As I look at my house from the computer desk I can see that it needs a good cleaning and I really don't care.  I am bored, not just with house work but with life itself.  I am hoping that when I start work on October 11th it picks up.  I need a new hobby or something.  I know! maybe a housekeeper!  Think of all the fucking off I could do if I had someone to clean for me! I know, that's everyones wish, but I think with my first paycheck, I am going to get me one!  That is my thought for the day!

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  1. Hey, at least you've got dvd-release Tuesdays to help keep the week in perspective! You can work backwards or forwards from Tuesdays! The other days of the week no longer have names; they're just numbered based on how far away they are from Tuesday. Good luck on Monday - err, um, #7 (or -1) at your first day of work!