Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kara's "broken" feelings

Jeff and Kara were upstairs tonight watching Family Guy in bed and I was down stairs wrapping last minute presents. Thank goodness I had some stocking stuffers bought so I had something to wrap for Kara's gift exchange at school tomorrow. When Kara comes down stairs silently. Our stairs make noise that my "mommy ears" have down pat. She stands next to me crying saying that daddy told her to go to bed. I told her that it is late and she needs to go to bed. She says "well, he broke my feelings." I wanted to laugh but seeing her crying eyes made me hold it in. We went upstairs to tell daddy how she felt. He had a hard time keeping a straight face also. If you think about it it does make sense. Why would feelings get hurt? Wouldn't they be broken?

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