Sunday, December 20, 2009

Visiting Santa

Kara and I were shopping in Waterloo on the 12th when we saw the man in red! We were in the hallway of the mall when Santa started waving at Kara. She waved back and hid behind my leg. I asked if she wanted to talk to him and she said no at first. Then Santa came over to her and said hello and shook her hand. He finally convinced her to sit on his lap. Kara told him that she wanted Strawberry Shortcake toys for Christmas. He told her that she was a very special girl. She took that seriously. We were walking through the mall when we heard the song about giving your heart away and this year saving it for someone special. Kara got excited and said that she was special because Santa said that she was special. I told her that yes she was special. Later that night at home she told Jeff that Santa said she was special. It was too cute! We finally got a cute picture of her with Santa.

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