Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Night of the Living Horror

Friday night was great.  Jeff and I had fish from the "R" Place, Kara had chicken strips and we went to bed early.  I was scheduled to work on Saturday at noon for 12 hours.  A certain little girl got to sleep with Mommy and Daddy so we all snuggled into bed and dreamed about sugar plums.  I am a light sleeper and the slightest little movement from the little one wakes me up, which is why she doesn't get to sleep with us as much as she would like. 

5:30 AM  I awoke to a strange noise, in my half sleeping state I noticed that Kara was sitting upright in bed.  Before I could ask her what was wrong she arched her back, took a deep breath, leaned forward and let the contents of her stomach soak the sheets, comforter, pillows and my electric blanket.  I must have made some noise of frustration because Jeff awoke like someone had stabbed him.  Kara then proceeded to fling herself backwards on the bed.  I quickly grabbed her and made her sit forward in case she puked again, I didn't want her to aspirate (get shit into her lungs).  I grabbed her and took her into the bathroom for a early morning scrub.  She had it on her face, in her hair and behind her ears.  While we were scrubbing off dinner from the night before I put Daddy to work changing the sheets.

6:00 AM Finally, we are back in bed and I am trying to go to sleep.  Jeff had retrieved a plastic coffee can for a puke bucket.  I like to use those because they have a lid.  The bucket was in bed with us right next to Kara and I.  Kara was back to sleep and so was Jeff, however I could not calm my head enough to slip back into dreamland.  This turned out to be a good thing when about 15 minutes later Kara was sitting up in bed again looking at me with an expression of doom on her face.  I grabbed the bucket and the puke hit the mark perfectly.  I had already put her hair in a ponytail so I wouldn't have to get her in the tub again.  I washed off her face and back to sleep she went.  I still laid awake thinking I wouldn't get up in time the next time if I fell asleep.  I laid there for about 2 hours drifting in and out of sleep.  Finally about 8:30 I fell asleep, the alarm clock went off at 9:30 telling me to haul my ass out of bed and get into the shower for work. 

I got out of the shower and was getting dressed when Kara came upstairs and practically begged me not to go to work.  It was the hardest thing to leave the house that day.  I promised her that she could call me at work as much as she wanted and I would talk to her.  I think I talked to her about 4 times from noon to midnight.  When I came home that night, she was still awake in the chair in the living room.  Jeff said she had taken quite a few naps today and wanted to wait for mom to come home before going to bed.

There were no more puking episodes that night but loose stools the next day.  I got to get a new comforter that I absolutely love and I am going to get a bigger electric blanket.  I guess in the end the puke was worth it.  Don't know if Kara would agree though.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I get out of bed in the AM.

I have a guilty pleasure in the AM.  I love watching my DVR show Chelsea Lately on E! I love to watch it in the AM when I am folding laundry.  Sat, Sun and Mon are let downs cause she isn't on the night before and I sleep in.  I love the fact that she is a bitch and doesn't appologize for it.  My family doesn't think she is funny at all, but I have a twisted sense of humor and I think she is great.

On the show she has other comedians and they talk about stupid hollywood topics.  My favorite is Ross Mathews.  He is a gay comedian who is funny as shit.  You should check him out on twitter and on the web at helloross.com he is hilarious.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Ross and Chelsea.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


With a new baby on the way I have decided to do some room swaping upstairs.  Kara will get the big room which was my sewing room and the baby will get her old room.  here are a few ideas that I like.

I want to put light grey on the walls and add more bling to the room.  Make it a princess room!

Here is another idea but not too sure about green on the walls.

What do you think?

Friday, January 14, 2011

I think I have come down with a case of winter fever.  I have been looking through gardening magazines and catalogs and fantasizing about what my garden will look like.  Over the 6 years I have lived back in Iowa I have only been able to get tomatoes and green peppers from my garden.  Usually what happens is that the weeds take over and then I just mow over the whole thing.  My enthusiasm diminishes as the heat rises.

This year is going to be different, I hope.  I am going to be home more now that I am done with college.  I hope this works.  I will keep you posted when the snow disappears.
SO, I haven't written on here in a long time.  Lots of change has been happening at our house.  I am not part of the employed community.  I got a job at one of the ER's about an hour from home.  Work has been going great.  Of course I can say that because I only work every third weekend and one day in between during the week.  I don't have to drive to work five days a week or even the usual 3 days for the 12 hour shift.  I didn't want or need a full time job.

We also found out that a new Lindsay will be joining out crazy house in June.  Kara is was excited to have a little brother or sister.  She wants it to be a boy because then we will have 2 boys and 2 girls in our house.  "It just makes sense mom" that is what she told me when I asked why she wanted it that way.  I have to confess that I am also hoping for a boy, as Jeff is too I am sure. 

The only thing I am not looking forward to is that with the new addition to our house that means I have to clean out my storage room upstairs and set up a nursery.  Kara is going to get the bigger room upstairs and the baby will go into her room.  I am waiting for the first week in Feb to see if I have to paint over the purple walls in Kara's room.  Last night Kara and I were browsing HGTV.com for ideas for her new room.  She likes all the difficult projects.  I am not sure if I will go all pink on the walls or go for a grey color and then accent with pink.  That way when she gets older I can get rid of the pink if she wants to change the colors of her room and not have to paint again.  I will keep you updated on the progress of the new room situation.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RIP Artemis

Well, we are officially one less family member.  Last night while coming home from a Fire Department meeting I got a text from my niece who was about a mile ahead of me on the road to tell me that we had a kitten on the road in front of my house.  As I got closer to the house I prayed that it was the hussy momma cat not one of the teenage kittens.  Of course my prayers went unanswered.  It was Artemis, my favorite kitten.  She was a great mouser.  I even brought her into the house one night to get a mouse that I saw go under the couch.  She caught it right away and was so proud of herself.  She was purring and cuddling as I carried her back outside. 

So we are down to one hussy momma cat with an attitude and Apollo the other teenage kitty.  Momma just had kittens so I guess I better find them too.  I should bring the new kittens up to the house for Kara to play with.  She tamed the other batch of kittens so well.  She carried them around and they even got to go for rides in her Barbie Jeep to "Walmart".

RIP Artemis, I will miss you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So, here it is Monday.  No, wait I think it is Tuesday! Yep definetly Tuesday.  I bought a new DVD today so it has to be Tuesday.  As you can tell all of my days run together.  I am sitting at the computer trying to get away from Bejewled Blitz and failing.  As I look at my house from the computer desk I can see that it needs a good cleaning and I really don't care.  I am bored, not just with house work but with life itself.  I am hoping that when I start work on October 11th it picks up.  I need a new hobby or something.  I know! maybe a housekeeper!  Think of all the fucking off I could do if I had someone to clean for me! I know, that's everyones wish, but I think with my first paycheck, I am going to get me one!  That is my thought for the day!