Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Outing

On Saturday December 12th Kara, Jeff and I went to Cedar Rapids. We were going to brave the stores and do some Christmas shopping. BIG mistake. We were in the Kohl's parking lot moving at a snails pace in the parking lot. Jeff dropped Kara and I off at the front door and we browsed around the store for a little while but nothing caught our eye. I called Jeff and asked where he was in the parking lot. He said that he hadn't even moved 30 feet. So we jumped back in the car and sure enough he wasn't even two car lengths away from where he dropped us off.

We were making our was out of the parking lot again at a snails pace when we decided to switch spots. I took over the driving and he took Kara into Barnes and Noble to do some shopping for me. In the end it took me over an hour to go up one aisle and down another. When I was making my way across the parking lot I called Jeff and told him to bring me a grande white chocolate mocha from Starbucks when he comes out. I also told him that forgetting it would not be good for his health. Needless to say, he remembered.

After we made it out of the parking lot we tried to locate a new place to eat but settled on Ruby Tuesday's. That was interesting. Kara wanted her normal chicken nuggets and fries but I convinced her to have some of my steak instead. Thought i was getting steak, lobster and mac and cheese. However, the lobster was actually in the mac and cheese. Different, but not bad.

After eating we finally made our way to the theater. Seeing a movie was our real reason for going to Cedar Rapids. Jeff and I took Kara to see the Princess and the Frog. It was a wonderful film! Kara was great! She watched the movie and even got up and danced a few times. At the end of the movie she was in a hurry to go to the lobby. She wanted a pretzel with "little butter on it" needless to say, she didn't like the salt. LOL She did like the movie though!

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